Photo-etched detailing set for W.O.T-6/8 by ICM 35507,35590, 1/35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: ICM 35507, 35590

Scale: 1:35

levate your model with this incredible photo-etched detailing set!

This finely detailed set is designed to enhance the W.O.T-6/8 by ICM 35507,35590 1/35 model kit. It includes a variety of parts that will add realism and depth to your model, including:

    • Engine grills
    • Headlight covers
    • Window grilles
    • And more!

Made from high-quality photo-etched brass, these parts are easy to use and will make your model stand out from the crowd.

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 Here are some of the benefits of using this detailing set:

    • Adds realism and depth to your model
    • Made from high-quality photo-etched brass
    • Easy to use
    • Makes your model stand out from the crowd

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