Photo-etched detailing set for Tu-134 A/B3 by Zvezda 7007 1:144

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: Zvezda 7007

Scale: 1:144

Take your Tupolev Tu-134 A/B3 model kit to the next level of realism with our comprehensive photo-etched detailing set. This set includes a wealth of parts to enhance the exterior and interior of your model.

With our photo-etched detailing set, you can:

    • Add fine detail to your model that is impossible to achieve with plastic parts.
    • Increase the accuracy of your model and make it look more like the real aircraft.
    • Set your model apart from the rest and make it truly unique.

This set is designed specifically for the Tu-134 A/B3 by Zvezda 7007 1:144 model kit and is easy to install. It is a perfect upgrade for any modeler who wants to take their Tu-134 model to the next level.

Order your photo-etched detailing set today and start adding realistic detail to your Tu-134 A/B3 model!