Photo-etched detailing set of Removal tape of the protective device 1:48

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model:

Scale: 1:48

This meticulously crafted set includes a variety of precision-etched brass parts that will add an unparalleled level of detail to your model, replicating the removal tape seen on various aircraft and vehicles.


  • Ultra-thin brass parts: These incredibly thin parts allow for seamless integration with your model, ensuring a realistic and professional-looking finish.
  • Precise detailing: Each part is meticulously etched to capture the intricate details of removal tape, adding a touch of authenticity to your scale model.
  • Versatility: This set can be used on a wide range of scale models, including aircraft, tanks, and armored vehicles.
  • Ease of use: The set includes comprehensive instructions for easy application, making it suitable for modelers of all skill levels.

Elevate your model's realism: This set will undoubtedly take your scale model to the next level of realism, capturing the attention of fellow modelers and enthusiasts.

Enhance your modeling skills: Working with these precision-etched parts will refine your modeling skills and techniques, allowing you to create even more impressive models in the future.

Stand out from the crowd: Your meticulously detailed scale model will surely stand out from the rest, showcasing your dedication to the craft and earning you admiration from fellow modelers.

Order your Photo-etched detailing set of Removal tape of the protective device 1:48 today and embark on a journey of model realism!