Photo-etched detailing set of side skirts and mudguards for T-VI Tiger tank by Zvezda 3646, 1:35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: Zvezda 3646

Scale: 1:35

Elevate Your Zvezda Tiger VI to the Next Level!

Bring your T-VI Tiger tank model by Zvezda 3646 to life with this exceptional Photo-etched detailing set of side skirts and mudguards!

This intricate upgrade adds a touch of unparalleled realism and scale-model accuracy to your build. Crafted from high-quality brass, these photo-etched parts offer:

  • Sharper detail and definition compared to the kit's plastic parts.
  • Enhanced visual appeal: Elevate the overall look and feel of your Tiger I.
  • Increased accuracy: Capture the authentic appearance of the real tank's side skirts and mudguards.

Don't settle for the ordinary! Order your Photo-etched detailing set today and take your Tiger I model to the next level of realism.