Photo-etched detailing set for M3 Lee by Takom 2089, scale 1:35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: Takom 2089

Scale: 1:35

Take your Takom 2089 M3 Lee model from ordinary to extraordin Elevate your M3 Lee to stunning accuracy with the ultimate photo-etched detailing set!ary with this premium photo-etched detailing set. Crafted with laser precision, this upgrade kit adds a level of realism and finesse that plastic parts simply can't match.


    • Razor-sharp hatches, grills, and vents replacing thick, clunky plastic versions.
    • Delicate filigree details on hatches, engine grilles, and other intricate parts, bringing your M3 Lee to life.
    • Superbly accurate tools and equipment adorning the hull, adding a touch of authenticity.
    • Enhanced crew hatches and access points for a glimpse into the tank's bustling interior.

This photo-etched detailing set is the perfect solution for:

    • Experienced modelers seeking to push the boundaries of realism.
    • Scale model enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things.
    • Anyone who wants their M3 Lee to stand out from the crowd.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Order your photo-etched detailing set today and unlock the true potential of your Takom 2089 M3 Lee model!