Photo-etched detailing set of Nets for soviet tank T-34/76 (1941-1943) late type, 1:35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model:

Scale: 1:35

Bring your 1:35 Soviet T-34/76 (1941-1943) to life with the ultimate accuracy upgrade: a photo-etched detailing set featuring meticulously crafted nets.

 Each strand and knot is precisely captured in photo-etched metal, adding a breathtaking level of realism to your model.

  • The satisfying clink of metal as you bend and shape the nets to perfectly drape over your T-34.
  • The awe-inspiring gazes your model receives at competitions and displays.
  • The pride of knowing you've painstakingly recreated a true piece of WWII history.

Don't just build a model – build a masterpiece. Order your photo-etched nets today!