Photo-etched detailing set for Marder FCM 36 by ICM 35339, 1:35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: ICM 35339

Scale: 1:35

Elevate your Marder FCM 36 to a masterpiece!

Tired of your ICM 35339 looking flat and lifeless? Breathe fire into your model with our exquisite photo-etched detailing set!

Unleash hidden potential:

    • Razor-sharp grilles and hatches replace clunky plastic, adding unmatched realism.
    • Supercharge your suspension with intricate metal springs and shock absorbers.
    • Fine-tune every detail: delicate handles, hatches, vents, and more - no corner left untouched!

Elevate your skills, impress your rivals:

    • Stand out from the crowd: your Marder will dominate the competition with its stunning precision.
    • Unleash your inner artist: personalize your model with weathering and custom touches.