Photo-etched detailing set for Mercedes-Benz Typ L3000 by ICM, 1:35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: ICM

Scale: 1:35

Elevate your ICM 1:35 scale model to a masterpiece with our exclusive photo-etched detailing set!

Say goodbye to plastic limitations and hello to hyper-realistic precision. Our laser-cut metal components capture the intricate details of the iconic Mercedes-Benz Typ L3000 with unmatched fidelity. From delicate grilles and intricate engine bay components to realistic door hinges and meticulously crafted license plates, this set injects museum-quality realism into your model.


    • Heads turning at exhibitions as your meticulously detailed L3000 steals the show.
    • The satisfaction of meticulously assembling each exquisite piece, bringing your model to life with stunning accuracy.
    • The thrill of owning a truly unique creation, a testament to your modeling skills and passion for historical vehicles.