Photo-etched detailing set for scale model Ford-T fire engine by ICM 35605, 1/35

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: ICM 35605

Scale: 1:35

Elevate Your 1/35 Scale Ford-T Fire Engine with Exquisite Photo-Etched Detailing

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of scale modeling and elevate your 1/35 scale Ford-T fire engine to new heights of realism with this exceptional photo-etched detailing set. This set is meticulously crafted to enhance the details of your ICM model kit, transforming it into a showstopping masterpiece.

Precision-Engineered Components for Authentic Enhancements

This photo-etched detailing set boasts exceptional precision, ensuring that each component seamlessly integrates with your ICM Ford-T fire engine kit. The set includes:

  • Intricately rendered grille and radiator components for a true-to-life representation of the Ford-T's iconic front end
  • Delicately etched fenders and body panels that capture the subtle nuances of the fire engine's exterior
  • Precisely formed ladder and hose details that enhance the realism of the fire engine's firefighting equipment
  • Exquisitely crafted windshield wipers and brackets that add a touch of finesse to the front end

Elevate Your Modeling Skills and Impress Fellow Enthusiasts

Whether you're a seasoned modeler or a budding enthusiast, this photo-etched detailing set will elevate your skills and allow you to create a Ford-T fire engine that stands out from the crowd. The set's precision-engineered components will add a touch of professionalism to your work, leaving fellow modelers in awe.

Complete Your Ford-T Fire Engine with Unmatched Precision

Don't settle for ordinary; add a touch of finesse and authenticity to your 1/35 scale Ford-T fire engine with this exceptional photo-etched detailing set. Order yours today and embark on a journey of model-building excellence.