Photo-etched detailing set of seat belts for USAAF / USN (WWII) 1:48

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model:

Scale: 1:48

Elevate your USAAF/USN WWII scale model cockpits with Microdisign's Photo-Etched Detailing Seat Belts Set!

Immerse yourself in the intricate details of WWII aviation history with this meticulously crafted set of photo-etched seat belts, designed specifically for 1:48 scale USAAF and USN aircraft models.

  • Each seat belt is painstakingly etched from premium brass, ensuring exceptional precision and sharpness
  • The intricate details replicate the authentic buckles, straps, and fasteners found in WWII aircraft cockpits.
  • The thin and flexible brass construction allows for easy manipulation and realistic positioning within the cockpit.
  • The included instructions provide clear guidance for hassle-free installation and a seamless finish.
  • Transform your 1:48 scale USAAF/USN WWII aircraft models from ordinary to extraordinary.

Enhance your modeling skills and techniques with this rewarding addition to your modeling toolkit.

Order your Microdisign Photo-Etched Detailing Seat Belts Set today and breathe life into your WWII aircraft models!