Photo-etched detailing set for An-225 Mriya Interior by Zvezda 7035 1:144

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model: Zvezda 7035

Scale: 1:144

Elevate your Zvezda 7035 1:144 An-225 Mriya model kit to breathtaking heights with the must-have Photo-etched Detailing Set for the Interior. This precision-crafted set is your key to unlocking a level of realism and finesse that plastic parts simply can't match.

    • Razor-thin ladders and walkways that add depth and dimension to the cargo bay.
    • Intricate instrument panels and consoles that bring the cockpit to life.
    • Detailed seats and crew stations that tell the story of the people who made the Mriya fly.
    • Supercharge your model's accuracy and visual impact with every meticulously etched part.

Here's what you get:

    • A comprehensive set of photo-etched brass parts tailored specifically for the Zvezda 7035 1:144 An-225 Mriya kit.
    • Precisely cut details that capture the essence of the real aircraft's interior.