Spatule pour zimmérite

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Made specifically to enhance the scale model:

Scale: 1:35

Elevate your scale model tanks with the ultimate Zimmerit detailing set!

This photo-etched brass detailing set features a collection of precisely-scaled Zimmerit spatulas in 0.3mm thickness, perfect for recreating the intricate anti-magnetic coating found on WWII German tanks.

Here's why modelers love our Zimmerit spatula set:

    • Highly detailed and accurate: Each spatula is meticulously crafted to match the real-world tools used to apply Zimmerit, adding an unparalleled level of realism to your models.
    • Thin and flexible brass: The 0.3mm brass ensures the spatulas conform to even the most complex curves and surfaces, allowing for seamless application of Zimmerit texture.
    • Easy to use: Simply cut the desired spatulas from the sheet, bend them to shape, and use them to create a variety of Zimmerit patterns on your models