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Aerodrome equipment MiG-29 -
Equipo de aeródromo MiG-29 Precio de oferta$13.25 USD
Airfield equipment Su-27 - imodeller.storeAirfield equipment Su-27 -
Equipo de aeródromo Su-27 Precio de oferta$14.35 USD
C-130 Hercules cabin (star) - imodeller.storeC-130 Hercules cabin (star) -
C-130 Hercules exterior (star) - imodeller.storeC-130 Hercules exterior (star) -
C-130 Hercules landing and transport compartment (star) - imodeller.storeC-130 Hercules landing and transport compartment (star) -
FW-190A Color. (Star) - imodeller.storeFW-190A Color. (Star) -
Color FW-190A. (Estrella) Precio de oferta$16.00 USD
Hawker Hurricane Mk.II (star) - imodeller.storeHawker Hurricane Mk.II (star) -
Hydraulosystem of the chassis of the Su-27 family aircraft - imodeller.storeHydraulosystem of the chassis of the Su-27 family aircraft -
I-153 "Seagull" Color (ICM) - imodeller.storeI-153 "Seagull" Color (ICM) -
I-153 Color "Gaviota" (ICM) Precio de oferta$20.13 USD
Japan's belts (wwii) -
Ju-87b2 (star) - imodeller.storeJu-87b2 (star) -
Ju-87b2 (estrella) Precio de oferta$18.75 USD
Ka-50 Color cabin (star) - imodeller.storeKa-50 Color cabin (star) -
Cabina Ka-50 Color (estrella) Precio de oferta$20.13 USD
MiG-15 color (star) - imodeller.storeMiG-15 color (star) -
MiG-15 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$19.58 USD
MiG-15uti (modelist, Hobby Boss) - imodeller.storeMiG-15uti (modelist, Hobby Boss) -
MiG-17 color (star) - imodeller.storeMiG-17 color (star) -
MiG-17 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$19.58 USD
MiG-21 (star) - imodeller.storeMiG-21 (star) -
MiG-21 (estrella) Precio de oferta$25.35 USD
MiG-23MLD (star) - imodeller.storeMiG-23MLD (star) -
MiG-23MLD (estrella) Precio de oferta$25.90 USD
MiG-25RU/PU (ICM) - imodeller.storeMiG-25RU/PU (ICM) -
MiG-31 interior (star) - imodeller.storePhoto-etched detailing set for MiG-31 interior by Zvezda 7229, 7244 1:72 -
Operation of missile weapons of modern aviation of the USSR/Russia - imodeller.storeOperation of missile weapons of modern aviation of the USSR/Russia -
Pe-2 color (star) - imodeller.storePe-2 color (star) -
Pe-2 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$23.98 USD
RAF (wwii) belts -
Su-24 color (star) -
Su-24 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$31.13 USD
Su-25 (all modifications) Color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-25 (all modifications) Color (star) -
Su-27CM color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-27CM color (star) -
Su-27CM color (estrella) Precio de oferta$22.88 USD
Su-27UB color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-27UB color (star) -
Su-27UB color (estrella) Precio de oferta$31.13 USD
SU-30SM Color (star) - imodeller.storeSU-30SM Color (star) -
SU-30SM Color (estrella) Precio de oferta$31.13 USD
Su-33 color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-33 color (star) -
Su-33 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$22.88 USD
Su-34 color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-34 color (star) -
Su-34 color (estrella) Precio de oferta$26.73 USD
Su-39 Color (star) - imodeller.storeSu-39 Color (star) -
Color Su-39 (estrella) Precio de oferta$25.08 USD

Complementos Aeronaves

There are a wide variety of add-ons available for 1/72 scale aircraft models. These add-ons can be used to improve the accuracy, realism, or appearance of your model.

Some of the most popular add-ons for 1/72 scale aircraft models include:

Weapons: Add-ons weapons can include everything from bombs and missiles to gun pods and rocket launchers.
Fuel tanks: Add-ons fuel tanks can be used to increase the range of your aircraft model.
Extra armor: Add-ons armor can be used to protect your aircraft model from enemy fire.
Cockpit details: Add-ons cockpit details can include things like ejection seats, control panels, and instrument gauges.
Landing gear: Add-ons landing gear can be used to make your aircraft model look more realistic when sitting on the ground.
Decals: Add-ons decals can be used to add markings and artwork to your aircraft model.

1/72 scale aircraft model addons
When choosing add-ons for your 1/72 scale aircraft model, it is important to consider the following factors:

Scale: Make sure that the add-ons are the correct scale for your model.
Accuracy: If you are building an accurate replica of a real aircraft, make sure that the add-ons are also accurate.
Realism: If you are building a realistic model, choose add-ons that will make your model look more like the real thing.
Appearance: Ultimately, the choice of add-ons is up to you. Choose add-ons that you think will make your model look its best.
Here are some tips for using add-ons on your 1/72 scale aircraft model:

Follow the instructions: Most add-ons come with instructions. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure a proper fit and finish.
Use the right tools: Some add-ons may require the use of special tools. Make sure that you have the right tools before you start working on your model.
Be patient: Adding add-ons to your model can be time-consuming and challenging. Be patient and take your time to ensure a good result.
With a little care and attention, you can use add-ons to make your 1/72 scale aircraft model look even better.